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Episode 168: The Tasmanian Rainbow Finger Fairy


Welcome to possibly my laziest Christmas Episode yet!

I'm buggered, mostly due to a job promotion, and a long Tasmanian holiday from which I just returned, which inspired this Ep.

I don't have the energy to explain.

I might fix this up and re-post in the New Year.

(I might not.)




I pulled my finger almost all the way out and tidied it up a bit! Hooray!

Now, to explain - On my recent holiday to Tasmania, I witnessed a hippie-type Tassie tour guide approach one of her travellers, who had just finished his soup lunch. Indicating his discarded meal, she asked, "Mind if I lick the bowl?" Without waiting for a response, she stuck her finger into his soup bowl and licked it. "Mmm, not bad," she said, and merrily away she went. The shocked traveller did very well to contain his disbelief. I did not, and the image so stuck in my brain that it forced its way out into this comic, still admittedly rough around the edges.

It's been a busy, but fulfilling year for me this year; I hope the same is true for you. As has become the custom, I feel it appropriate to acknowledge direct and indirect influences who passed on in 2022. Vale to:

Peter Bogdanovich, Sidney Poitier, Ronnie Spector, Meat Loaf, Douglas Trumbull, Ivan Reitman, Rod Marsh, Shane Warne, Chris Bailey, William Hurt, Taylor Hawkins, Ray Liotta, James Caan, Andrew Symonds, Judith Durham, Margaret Urlich, Olivia Newton-John, Archie Roach, Wolfgang Petersen, Jean-Luc Godard, Louise Fletcher, Coolio, Loretta Lynn, Angela Lansbury, Robbie Coltrane, Paul Green, Uncle Jack Charles, John Hamblin, Kevin Conroy, Irene Cara, Christine McVie, Angelo Badalamenti, Maxi Jazz, Ruggero Deodato, Pele.

Pretty long, pretty sad list.

Tell your loved ones you love them, and all the best for 2023.



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