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About Brodie O'Mara

Brodie O'Mara is a High School Teacher and karaoke enthusiast based in tropical FNQ, Australia.

Before this venture, his projects of note included:

* Recording a series of comedy tapes with his cousins (1991-1992)

* Writing and performing in a stage play, "Rats" (1996)

* Featuring in Josh Arnold's Yodeo Trailer music video as 'the bass player' (2002)

He has amassed 6 volumes containing many of his cartoons, illustrations, sketches and doodles from the last 20-odd years. Some of these scribbles have been put onto t-shirts, which you can buy from his teepublic shop (example below):

He also recommends the following redbubble stores:

* molihua95 for merch featuring amazing photography of China including the Uyghur homeland (example below):

* kel365 for merch featuring cute line art and nature photography (example below):

His ultimate goal of founding a commercial space travel agency has already been spoiled by Sir Richard Branson.


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