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The Howler Monkeys

Mad Dog

Mad Dog McGillicuddy is the Howler Monkeys' founder and lead vocalist. Possessing, since birth, the power of the 'Sonic Scream', M.D., as well as a select group of others (including Howler Monkey nemeses The Crimson Cadaver and ShrillZilla), has the power to open portals between dimensions. M.D.'s ego has caused problems for the band in the past, but he is generally a wise and loyal leader. He is romantically affiliated with intergalactic superhero, The Blazing Hot Comet.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, ZZ Top

IN THE MOVIE HE'D BE PLAYED BY: Ryan Gosling, Sam Worthington or Joel Edgerton


Beardo De Stroyer, the band's lead guitarist and resident 'brain', is M.D.'s right-hand-man and best friend. Beardo's facial hair enables him to master any skill almost immediately - music, sport, inventing, etc. provide no obstacle for Beardo's uncanny abilities. Upon visiting the rock-chick dimension, he met his match, the inimitable Jett Sparxx, now leader of The Knockouts. Despite treading a rocky road to marriage, the happy couple are still writing and performing for their respective bands.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Faith No More, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, The Pixies

IN THE MOVIE HE'D BE PLAYED BY: Paul Rudd, Jason Lee or Billy Crudup


Smiley McGee, the band's keyboardist and 'class clown', has origins shrouded in mystery. He possesses wristbands of enchanted leather, which have brought him constant good fortune. His musical ability, and recruitment into the Howler Monkeys, he credits to his magic bands. Smiley is quick with a joke, even in the most dire circumstances, and is eternally optimistic. He is rumoured to be dating Knockouts drummer, Cherry Bangle, but this remains to be confirmed.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Bruce Springsteen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Blondie

IN THE MOVIE HE'D BE PLAYED BY: Seth Rogen, Seann William Scott or Steve Zahn


Mull, or Douglas Mulgrave Muldoon, is the band's resident 'tough guy'. This is due to his harsh upbringing on the mean streets, before he met mentor and father-figure, Big Fella. After Big Fella's passing, Mull fell on his feet, quickly becoming the Howler Monkeys' bassist, giving him a positive, creative outlet for his unpredictable temper. Mull recently met, and lost, his biological father, the pirate Cap'n Muldoon, which has adversely affected his progress.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: The Stooges, Dead Kennedys, The Ramones, The Clash, The Saints

IN THE MOVIE HE'D BE PLAYED BY: Jason Statham, Timothy Olyphant or Liam Hemsworth

Le Sas

The most mysterious member of the group, drummer Le Sasquatch was raised in the forest by Yetis, and only recently revealed to be part-Yeti himself, rather than the human foundling he thought himself to be. This revelation came mere months after Le Sas openly identified as gay; both issues causing him some anxiety. Although the most placid member of the group, once Le Sas 'monsters out', it is wise to stay out of his way. A clandestine affair between Le Sas and Cycle Rhinos M.C. member Rick Lincoln has been suggested, but not confirmed.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Metallica, Judas Priest, Body Count

IN THE MOVIE HE'D BE PLAYED BY: Russell Brand, Jake Gyllenhaal or Colin Farrell

Friends of the Band


The Blazing Hot Comet (alter-ego unknown) is an intergalactic superhero who first came to the Howler Monkeys' attention when she saved them from a killer asteroid. Formerly affiliated with Captain Karaoke (before he went rogue and became ShrillZilla), Comet now heads up C.R.I.S.P. (The Conglomerate of Respected Intergalactic Super-Persons), becoming leader after thwarting an attempted coup by Aster-Lloyd. She is the romantic partner of Howler Monkeys bandleader Mad Dog McGillicuddy.

MUSICAL INTERESTS: Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Beyonce, Salt-N-Pepa, Katy Perry

IN THE MOVIE SHE'D BE PLAYED BY: Amy Adams, Emma Stone or Isla Fisher


Jett Sparxx is lead singer and guitarist of The Knockouts. Originally from the rock-chick dimension, Jett (along with Cherry Bangle) came to the Howler Monkeys' dimension, impressed by Beardo and Smiley's pure rock talent. A ninja master and badass to boot, she is now married to Beardo, and the two make a formidable force.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: The Runaways, The Slits, Patti Smith, Tina Turner, L7

IN THE MOVIE SHE'D BE PLAYED BY: Elisha Cuthbert, Kate Hudson or Amy Poehler


Cherry Bangle is Jett's friend, former drummer of their rock-chick dimension ensemble, and current Knockouts drummer. Since arriving in the Howler Monkeys' dimension, she has made many friends in the underground rock community, even providing a (short-lived) replacement drummer for the Howler Monkeys in the form of her friend Invisi-Bull. She is rumoured to be dating Smiley McGee.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Blondie, Talking Heads, The Donnas, Clouds, Cibo Matto

IN THE MOVIE SHE'D BE PLAYED BY: Rose McGowan, Scarlett Johansson or Rose Byrne


Mel was 'rescued' from the emo dimension after it was unwittingly crashed by Mull and Le Sas. Although preferring darker music and attire, Mel feels she was too cheery to remain in such a depressing place. Somewhat shy, Mel is nonetheless an important member of The Knockouts, providing solid electro-rhythm with her vintage key-tar.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: The Cure, The Human League, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, New Order

IN THE MOVIE SHE'D BE PLAYED BY: Christina Ricci, Maggie Gyllenhaal or Paulie Perrette


Donna is Mel's best friend and similar exile from her home dimension. Although chirpier and more confident than her bestie, Donna struggles to find comfort is social situations outside the Knockouts/Howler Monkeys circle. She is a mean bass player, having picked up some tips from the best rhythm section in the world, Mull and Le Sas.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Frank Black, Sonic Youth, Hole, The Breeders, Elastica

IN THE MOVIE SHE'D BE PLAYED BY: Emily Blunt, Marion Cotillard or Jennifer Connelly

Rogues' Gallery

The Crimson Cadaver / MECHADAVER

The Howler Monkeys' most ruthless and persistent foe, Cadaver has been driven by revenge ever since they accidentally landed on his ship in the zombie pirate dimension. After being decapitated by Mad Dog and set adrift in the inter-dimensional portal, Cadaver landed in the robo-dimension, where he acquired a robotic body. This was destroyed during his assault on Beardo and Jett's wedding, and his head remains trapped deep in the ground, beneath a repositioned oak tree...

CURRENT STATUS: ALIVE (decapitated, twice; buried).

IN THE MOVIE HE'D BE PLAYED BY: Hugo Weaving, Jude Law or Bill Nighy

Captain Karaoke / ShrillZilla

Captain Karaoke, former crimefighting partner (and rival for the affections) of The Blazing Hot Comet, disbanded his alliance and went rogue, reappearing as the powerfully mean-spirited ShrillZilla, able to transmit and manipulate sound-waves. Failing in his attempt to destroy Comet and the Howler Monkeys, he was disintegrated by his own supersonic powers.

CURRENT STATUS:DEAD (?) (disintegrated).

IN THE MOVIE HE'D BE PLAYED BY: Ryan Reynolds, Nathan Fillion or Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

The Queen

The Queen, aka Regina, a former flame of Mad Dog's, reappeared in the Howler Monkeys' world as a jilted-ex demon, capable of melting living things (such as her ineffectual assistant, Squeaky Doghammer) with her beams of pure energy. After being flung into space by Comet, she returned and teamed up with Fitch Davidson. They turned Cap'n Muldoon into a demon vampire slave, but he sacrificed himself in order to stop them from destroying the Howler Monkeys.


IN THE MOVIE SHE'D BE PLAYED BY: Anne Hathaway, Paz Vega or Monica Belucci

Fitch Davidson

The multi-talented Fitch managed the Howler Monkeys early in their career, and produced their first album. Blood-crazy, he wandered back to The Bunker several years later, having been the victim of separate vampire attacks which turned him into a day-walking uber-vampire. He was unsuccessful in his first attack on the Howler Monkeys, and, although teamed with The Queen, also his second; destroyed by the very powers he bestowed upon his slave, Cap'n Muldoon.


IN THE MOVIE HE'D BE PLAYED BY: Andrew Lincoln, Elijah Wood or Jason Bateman

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